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All Wired Up can perform the work for a variety of commercial work. Retail shops, Doctor's offices and Clinics, Restaurants, or any other type of small to mid-size shop or office. We can even help in the layout of the electrical or lighting system. At All Wired Up, we can use materials from all of the electrical manufacturers, so we are not limited to what our clients want.

Our professionally licensed electricians provide  commerical electric installations work
that also includes:

•   new construction
•   office remodeling

If you are looking for a Omaha or Council Bluffs Electrician for a commercial electric project installation , please call us today for a free consultation at 402-689-0272.

Ph: 402-689-0272

6215 S. 103rd St.
Omaha, Nebraska
(NE) 68127

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