Electrical Lighting Installation - Omaha, Council Bluffs

Are you looking to upgrade the lighting in your home or office?  We provide quality lighting installation that includes: recessed lighting, ceiling fans, under cabinet lighting, lighting controls, and landscape lighting.

There are many ways that you can give your home a mini makeover!  We specialize in under cabinet lighting and recessed lighting for our homeowners here in Omaha, Council Bluffs.  The under cabinet lighting is installed inside the walls and enhances the look and feel of your kitchen.  Recessed lighting can brighten up a dull looking office or TV room and give you a more spacious feel for your living areas.  A Ceiling fan in your Omaha home can be just the ticket to cool off a room using very little energy to operate it.

Electrical Landscape Lighting - Omaha, Council Bluffs

The enjoyment of the great outdoors can be enhanced around your home when you install some landscape lighting.  This lighting gives the exterior of your home a whole new look and feel!  This enhancement can be seen at dusk when the sun goes down and the exterior lights outline your home and landscaping.  

Landscape lighting is an art form that we have perfected for our Omaha homeowners.  We feel that your home is your show piece and landscape lighting brings out the friendly feel to your home.  For your convenience, we also can provide you with landscape lighting timers to work with your new exterior enhancement.  The timers are set to turn on your exterior lights at a certain time and turn them off a few hours later. What could be simpler?

If you are looking for a Omaha or Council Bluffs Electrician for an indoor lighting or landscape lighting installation , please call us today for a free consultation at 402-689-0272.

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Lighting Installation Omaha Council Bluffs
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